Reserved parking added for gazebos at City Beach

Finding a parking spot at City Beach can be a challenge, but the city is looking to improve the situation for those who rent gazebos in the park.

City Council Feb. 6 unanimously approved a change that allows for the four eastern most parking spaces at City Beach to be reserved for gazebo parking only when they are rented.

“Typically the gazebos are rented for birthday parties or a gathering for a barbecue,” Parks and Recreation Director Maria Butts said. “People are parking illegally to unload their belongings into the gazebo.”

Now, the renting of a gazebo will come with one reserved parking spot during the rental. There are four gazebos available for rent at City Beach.

Butts said typically only one gazebo is rented each day, but a few times per season there are two gazebos rented on the same day. The only day that all four are rented is on the Fourth of July.

“The implementation of the reserved gazebo parking may increase the number of gazebo rentals, as it adds value to the rental,” Butts said.

The cost to rent a gazebo at City Beach is $40 for the day.

Changeable signs will be installed at the four parking spots to alert drivers of the reservation. The beach ranger will change the sign to designate for “park parking only” and when the gazebo is reserved the sign will indicate as such and note that violators will be towed.

When a gazebo is reserved, the renter will receive a registration to display in their car window while parked in the space.

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